Hi, I’m Ada (they/them)! I’m a software developer in Lawrence, Kansas.

My history with programming began at 12 years old, developing Mario fangames in GameMaker 8. Since then I’ve done a lot - made a game engine, studied philosophy and math, and become a parent, among other things.

Currently I’m a big fan of Rust, which I’m using to develop my game engine Sundile. I’ve been a freelancer for three years now, in addition to having had several full-time tech jobs. I have experience with native software development in C++ and C#, and web development with Angular and React as well as back-end experience with PHP and .NET. As a game developer I have primarily used Unity and GMS2, though my real expertise lies in engine-level development.

I love open source communities! I’m working on contributing more to the communities I love, and I open-source all the software I write.

Feel free to reach me at any of the links at the bottom of the page. I’m always open to chat :)

You can download my resume here.

I’m also on Patreon!



Check out the web build!

Sundile is a modular and extensible game framework written in the Rust programming langauge. It builds both natively and to the web, and is in active development.

For a more technical overview, feel free to peruse the repository. I try to document as much as I can.


I’m making Sundile so I can make Quell.

Quell is a procedurally generated open-world rougelike with a strong focus on narrative, drawing heavily on my studies in philosophy. Quell has been in development for over two years now, split between philosophical research, development on Sundile, and the parenting of my child.